Featured Products 2019
AEC APRICOT STONE GROUND SOUTH AFRICAN A popular exfoliant with South African provenance
AEC ARABIAN COFFEE GROUND (6.0) MEDIUM ROAST BRAZILIAN Wonderful Arabica coffee from Brazil for exfoliation products
GRANOS™ ARGAN SHELL MOROCCAN An attractive exfoliant to complement the celebrated oil from Morocco
AEC CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE (COCONUT DERIVED) Palm-free MCT oil derived from pure expeller-pressed coconut oil
AEC CASTOR BEADS WHITE A gentle, white exfoliator
AEC CHILEAN WINEBERRY POWDERED ORGANIC An organic superfruit from Chile also known as Maqui
AEC CLAY (PINK) POWDERED BRAZILIAN An attractive face mask ingredient from Brazil
AEC CLOUDBERRY POWDERED Cloudberries are prized in the Nordic region for their vitamin and antioxidant benefits
AEC COCOA SHELL GROUND An interesting alternative to the more commonly used exfoliants
AEC COCONUT SHELL GROUND INDIAN A richly coloured, functional exfoliator with Indian provenance
AEC CORN COB GROUND SLOVAKIAN A favourite scrub additive for many years
AEC CRANBERRY SEED OIL A sumptuous, moisturizing oil from the seeds of this popular superfruit
AEC CUPUACU BUTTER AMAZONIAN An exquisite butter from the Amazon treasure-trove
AEC CUPUACU EXTRACT POWDER BRAZILIAN Related to cocoa and rich in vitamins and phytonutrients
AEC CYCLOPENTASILOXANE 99% A high purity D5 with a D4 content of 0.1% maximum
AEC DOG ROSE HIP SEED MILLED CHILEAN A feature exfoliant from the cherished rose hip of Chile
GRANOS™ ECUADORIAN IVORY PALM SEED (TAGUA) A fantastic white exfoliant from Mother Nature - the ideal microbead replacement
GRANOS™ ENGLISH WALNUT CALIFORNIAN A versatile exfoliant from the groves of northern California
AEC FLEUR DE SEL DE GUERANDE A wonderful speciality from the world famous salt marshes of Guérande, France
AEC GUARANA SEED GROUND BRAZILIAN A natural exfoliant from the Amazon
AEC HONESTY SEED OIL UNITED KINGDOM Also known as "Silver Dollar", a fabulous new emollient with UK provenance
AEC HONEY - PURE ACACIA Using acacia honey significantly reduces the risk of crystal formation within your product
AEC HONEY - PURE HEATHER ENGLISH A highly-prized honey from England
AEC HONEY - PURE MANUKA ACTIVE 10+ NEW ZEALAND Renowned worldwide for its healing and soothing properties
AEC INDIAN BEECH GLYCERIN ORGANIC A palm-free alternative to conventional glycerin
AEC KIWI SEED NEW ZEALAND Gentle exfoliation from the seeds of the Chinese Gooseberry
AEC KUKUI NUT OIL REFINED A wonderful penetrative oil with superior skin feel
AEC LAVA GROUND ICELANDIC A jet-black exfoliant from the dramatic landscape of Iceland
AEC MACADAMIA NUT GROUND HAWAIIAN Exfoliating granules with Hawaiian provenance
AEC MACADAMIA NUT OIL REFINED HAWAIIAN Rich in palmitoleic acid from the Polynesian paradise islands of Hawai'i
AEC MAC-KUI AFTERSUN OIL COMPLEX A restorative blend combining the benefits of Kukui and Macadamia oils
AEC MORICHE PALM OIL AMAZONIAN An orange-red oil, also called "Buriti", high in oleic acid from the Amazon
AEC MURUMURU BUTTER AMAZONIAN An exotic butter for skin and hair care applications
AEC NATAL MAHOGANY SEED BUTTER AFRICAN A rich butter from Southern Africa gaining in popularity amongst formulators
AEC OCEAN SALT ATLANTIC DORSET JURASSIC From the waters of Dorset's famous Jurassic Coast - a taste of home from A & E Connock!
AEC OCEAN SALT PACIFIC FINE HAWAIIAN A premium salt from the Hawaiian islands
AEC PEACH STONE GROUND SOUTH AFRICAN A staple of our natural exfoliants portfolio since the 1970s, its popularity endures
AEC RED UCUUBA BUTTER AMAZONIAN An excellent and exotic moisturizer for skincare applications
AEC RICE (WHITE) GROUND A popular white, botanical exfoliant
AEC ROBUSTA COFFEE GROUND (6.0) MEDIUM ROAST Gentle exfoliation from the luxuriant, antioxidant-rich coffee bean
AEC ROCK SALT (PINK) HIMALAYAN Attractive pink crystals from the world's tallest mountain range
AEC ROMAN CHAMOMILE OIL ENGLISH A popular ingredient in baby products with its soothing aroma
AEC SEA BUCKTHORN FRUIT OIL Its high Omega-7 content attracts interest for skincare applications
AEC SILVER BIRCH SAP FINNISH A prized Nordic skincare additive, also known as Birch Water
AEC SUGAR (PURE CANE) CRYSTALS PLANTATION WHITE BELIZEAN An off-white sugar exfoliant with rare specified provenance
AEC SWEET ALMOND OIL CALIFORNIAN Authentic, high quality oil from the world's foremost almond growing region
AEC SWEET ALMOND SHELL GROUND TUNISIAN A long-established and versatile scrub additive of Tunisian origin
AEC SWEET CHERRY STONE GROUND PROVENCAL A bodycare exfoliant from the cherry groves of Provence, France
AEC TOMATO SEED OIL A speciality oil featuring the hydrating linoleic acid
AEC TUCUM BUTTER AMAZONIAN Also known as Tucuma, a wonderful emollient from our Amazon range
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